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Routes and Eligibility

The Texas Educational Agency defines the parameters of bus eligibility. In general, a student K-12 must live 2 or more miles from their assigned school to be eligible for regular education school bus transportation to and from school. The 2-mile measurement is measured from the driveway to the school flag pole using the shortest route that may be traveled on publicly maintained (not private) roads.  There is also a provision for limited funding of transportation provided to regular eligible students who live fewer than two miles from their campus if they live in an area designated as a hazardous traffic area by the school board.  All other areas within this 2-mile zone, we will call the parent responsibility zone.


Regular transportation is not available for pre-K Students or students who transfer to a school other than their assigned school.

All Sanger ISD bus riders must register with the Transportation Department every school year.

Each of our bus stops are designed after a careful study of many aspects including demographics, walking distances to stops and ridership in your area. The overall safety of the stop placement is the most important factor considered.

Hazardous Routes