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Curriculum and Instruction

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Sanger ISD’s Curriculum and Instruction Department is dedicated to the success of all students and is committed to excellence in teaching and learning. Our team provides direction and support to each campus to ensure that Sanger ISD students receive high-quality, personalized, and innovative educational experiences.

The Curriculum and Instruction Department will….

  • Create and maintain an aligned and rigorous curriculum that aligns with state standards, instruction, and assessment
  • Ensure equity of resources in the content areas for all students
  • Establish and support a balanced literacy and balanced math program at the elementary and middle schools
  • Establish and support formative assessment practices that draw data from a variety of sources and promote teacher collaboration to improve instruction
  • Promote learning experiences that support the development of 21st-century skills
  • Provide ongoing, evidence-based professional learning opportunities to teachers to support increased learning outcomes for students
  • Establish an instructional coaching program to help teachers develop and implement effective, evidence-based, student-centered strategies and instruction.
  • Create teacher leadership opportunities to support effective instructional practices and foster a culture of professional learning
Jennifer Flaa

Jennifer Flaa

Assistant Superintendent

The Vertical Alignment, Year at a Glance, and Instructional Focus Documents comprise most of the Sanger ISD curriculum documents. These documents provide a consistent scope and sequence for instructional delivery and are the foundation for all instructional planning.  
The curriculum itself must be non-negotiable since we are legally bound as educators to implement the state standards. However, the actual journey that teachers plan with their students may look quite different in that it will be responsive to differing student interests and abilities.