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Branding consistency establishes trust, loyalty and a positive identity. It is vital that Sanger ISD logos be used in a consistent manner by all departments, offices, and divisions of Sanger ISD. Our logo should not be altered in any way and should only appear in Sanger purple, gold or white.

Please review the following information on logo usage and color guidelines before using the Sanger ISD logo:

  • The logo cannot be cut apart or positioned in any way that will disturb the integrity of the design. Additional shapes such as circles, squares, diamonds, or other images may not be superimposed on the logo.
  • Alterations to the logo, including color, are not allowed.
  • Use of the Sanger ISD logo as part of a political campaign advertisement, sign or poster is not allowed.


Transparent Logo


Brand Colors

Besides consistent use of logos, another unifying visual component is the consistent use of color. The school district color palette was created to complement our signature color, Sanger Purple.
All promotional materials should match our color palette of Sanger purple, gold, and white. Do not deviate from the exact iteration of purple and gold as depicted below. 


Brand Colors

Hex code: #450e70



Hex code: #f5bf27


Physical Paint Colors from Sherwin Williams

Izmir Purple

SW 6825 



SW 6905


Wall Street

SW 7665

sample of Wall Street paint sample