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For Employees

Sanger ISD Employee Resources
TRS Active Care Helpful Information  -
Contact Liz Hayhurst if you have any questions
You can click on the bar to the left on TRS Active Care Login to register and view your health insurance information
SmartFind Express (absence management)
You can access the system by phone or by the website.  The phone number is 940-202-4299; the website can be found by clicking this link.

SISD Employee Assistance
Questions regarding Payroll
~ contact Cheryl Schertz at 940.458.7438 ext 21 or [email protected]

Questions regarding Health Insurance (TRS ActiveCare)
~contact Liz Hayhurst at 940.458.7438 ext 27 or [email protected]

 Questions regarding Sick Leave (Local/State/Personal)
~call Dee Rizer at 940.458.7430 ext 222 or [email protected]
TRS Active Care
Yearly Trainings
Sanger ISD will once again be using Region XI for Compliance Training. You will sign up through them and use their Canvas to complete the courses. All courses are due by September 10, 2021.
If you go to, scroll down, and click the Compliance logo on the right. 
Because this is through Region 11, I cannot help you with your passwords. If you do not know yours, there is information on how to retrieve it.
You will want to check your Region 11 Profile to ensure that you have Sanger ISD as your district. If you do not, you could be charged for these courses and your records will not be included in the Sanger ISD report. Once you sign into Region 11, you can go to My Profile and change the information there.
If you have any questions about the information in this email, please let me know. Keep in mind I cannot help with the Region 11 Canvas log-in information, but you can reach them at [email protected].