Employee Resources

Sanger ISD Employee Resources
TRS Active Care Helpful Information  -
Contact Liz Hayhurst if you have any questions
SmartFind Express (absence management)
You can access the system by phone or by the website.  The phone number is 940-202-4299; the website can be found by clicking this link.
SISD Employee Assistance
Questions regarding Payroll
~ contact Cheryl Schertz at 940.458.7438 ext 21 or [email protected]

Questions regarding Health Insurance (TRS ActiveCare)
~call Liz Hayhurst 940.458.7438 ext 27 or [email protected] 

Questions regarding Sick Leave (Local/State/Personal)
~call Liz Hayhurst 940.458.7438 ext 27 or [email protected] 
Sanger ISD Authorized Investment Providers: https://www.tsacg.com/individual/plan-sponsor/texas/sanger-isd/
Financial Benefit Services' website: 
Please contact FBS at 866-914-5202, Monday - Friday, 8 am - 6 pm. for enrollment assistance.
State Board of Educator Certification (SBEC)
SBEC Certification Renewal
Certificate Renewal

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