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Field Trip Procedures/For Employees




When scheduling a field trip:


  • When calculating travel time to your venue, allow for traffic conditions and the slower legal maximum speed limit for a school bus which is 60 MPH.  On school days, the Transportation Department provided drivers are available from only 8:30 AM until 2:30 PM and after 5:00 PM.  Trips utilizing Transportation drivers must be structured to have the bus back at the campus no later than 2:30 PM. For activities that are in conflict with this time window, a drop-off and pick-up after route can be used. If you are doing a drop-off/pick up please beware that it will be 5:00 PM before the driver can leave Sanger. If you have questions, you can contact Mr. Cox or Mrs. Clements.


  • The requester will receive updated emails throughout the approval process. 
  • Once you submit your request, the date and availability will be confirmed by Transportation, your Principal, Supervisor, or Athletic Director will approve or decline and the Transportation Department will approve or decline. 
  • If at any time during the process, the trip is declined, you will receive a notification via email and will have the opportunity to edit the request if a simple change will suffice to re-initiate.
  • The Request will be posted on the Transportation Website Calendar
  •  Please note that if your trip is during route times we may not have a driver available.

You can use the following formula to calculate the cost of your trip:


Use Google maps to plan your trip

Bus cost @ $2.00 per mile

Driver cost @ $25.00 per hour

When preparing for your field trip


  •      Obtain permission slips and any other documentation the District requires for your trip
  •      Prepare a list of all riders (students and teachers)
  •      Don't forget your drivers when purchasing tickets etc. for your event. 
  •      During the field trip, the Teacher or Sponsor will be the primary disciplinarian for the students, therefore they will all need to know the rules of the bus.
  •       Prepare a map for your destination
  •       Research everything regarding your destination i.e. parking, traffic, construction, drop off point etc. to prepare and/or identify any potential problem
  •       Make sure all teachers and sponsors know their responsibilities
      •  Remember, the bus driver may not be familiar with the directions or surroundings on the trip so it is imperative that the students are well behaved on the bus.
      • Sit on the bus strategically. One in front and one in back to keep an eye on all students and quickly correct poor behavior (if third sponsor, then one in the middle)
      •  The same applies to the venue. All students should be supervised at all times
      •   If lunch is part of your field trip plans, remember that eating and drinking (with the exception of water) is not allowed on the bus. This could be a choking hazard, allergy hazard and any drink except water will make an unwanted mess
  •      If you plan on bringing an ice chest, plan on using one of your seats for each ice chest. No items are allowed in the aisle of the bus.  Allow for this when planning the number of buses needed.  Each ice chest would be the equivalent of 2-3 students
  •     Go over the list of rules and expectations with the students ahead of time
             When entering the bus
  • Students will fill seats from back to front in an orderly fashion, leaving room for the Teachers.
  • Prepare a list of all riders along with their seat assignment (students and teachers)  Use the seating chart provided below.
            When exiting the bus
    • Students will empty seats from front to back in an orderly fashion, not standing and moving into the aisle until the person in front of them has moved into and down the aisle.
    • Make sure the bus is clean of all trash and other debris.