Bus Rules & Consequences


Bus Safety Rules – Sanger ISD regards the bus as an extension of the campus school day. All rules and guidelines in the student code of conduct apply on the school bus to protect the passengers and shall include, but are not limited to the following:

In light of COVID-19;

    • All students shall be assigned a seat on their bus and must strictly adhere to the seating assignments.  The only exception will be in extreme circumstances where the Driver or Aide directs a student to another seat.
    • All students living in the same household shall be assigned to the same seat or within close proximity.
    • It is optional to wear a mask or other appropriate face covering when boarding, riding or exiting the bus.
    • Hand sanitizer will be available at the front of the bus.
    • Electronics and other items will not be shared among students
  1. ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO REGISTER EACH YEAR FOR BUS TRANSPORTATION – This can be done at the Transportation office.
  2. The bus driver is in charge of students on the bus. Students shall follow the driver’s directions in regards to bus safety rules and bus operations at all times.
  3. Only authorized personnel and eligible bus students may ride the bus they are SPECIFICALLY ASSIGNED TO and may only load and unload at the stop designated by transportation. Buses will stop at designated stops only. Students are to arrive at their bus stop five (5) minutes before their pick up time. Consistent tardiness to the bus stop will be handled as a normal rule violation. Students will wait next to (but not in) the street, driveway or parking lot. Students must be respectful of property surrounding the stop.
  4. If seat belts are installed on the bus, the students must wear them properly around their waist and shoulder.
  5. Students will remain properly seated at all times (facing forward, keeping feet in front of them with their backs completely on the vinyl seat backs and NOT ON THE WINDOW). ALL Sanger ISD students receive assigned seating.
  6. ALL Sanger ISD Buses are NO TOUCH BUSES. Zero tolerance will be applied. Any verbal or physical behavior that constitutes Sexual Harassment and/or Bullying is prohibited on the bus and at designated bus stops. Students must keep all body parts, body fluids and personal objects from contacting another student unnecessarily.
  7. Students are allowed to drink WATER ONLY from a container with a twist on spill proof top. Eating is prohibited.
  8. No littering or throwing items inside or from the bus. Students must keep their hands, head, feet and personal objects inside the bus at all times. Zero tolerance will be applied.
  9. Students are not allowed to engage in loud talking, yelling, inappropriate language, or displaying obscene gestures. No yelling out of an open window. The bus driver may require any or all students to be silent on the bus.
  10. Students shall not vandalize the bus. Students who vandalize will be responsible for the cost of repair and will not be permitted to ride the bus until those damages are paid.
  11. Students are not allowed to bring animals, insects, or harmful objects to the stop or on the bus (i.e. weapons, drugs, prescriptions, alcohol, tobacco, e-cig, fireworks, laser lights, etc.).
  12. Students may use cell phones for any operation EXCEPT Camera or Video Use. (No picture taking, video recording, face time, or Skype of themselves, others, or surroundings for any reason.)  Students shall keep their cell phone or other electronic device to themselves and not share with others.  
  13. Band instruments or class projects are allowed on Sanger ISD buses provided they can be held by the student (not taller than shoulder or seat high), fit in the seat with the student, does not interfere with the availability of seating of other students, and does not interfere with the safety of students or bus operation.
  14. Students are not to engage in any other conduct that disrupts the safe operation of the bus. All Sanger ISD campus and Transportation policies and rules are enforceable at any SISD bus stop or campus.
  15. Rail Road Crossings: All students are to be silent at the crossing. (DPS commercial driver’s manual, Section 10-School Buses)
Sanger ISD Transportation operates under a progressive discipline policy** when promoting and enforcing student safety on the bus.

This means that any safety violations will build on past violations in the same school year, resulting in longer suspension periods.

Written warning**

3 Day Suspension

10 Day Suspension

30 Day Suspension

Indefinite Suspension

**Any behavior endangering the driver or other students will constitute a Severe Clause and will be enforced at the discretion of the Director of Transportation.
A Severe Clause will bypass the progressive discipline policy including a written warning and move directly to a suspension. The length of suspension will be based on the seriousness of the offense.

FYI: Any child suspended from bus services is NOT ALLOWED to board ANY SANGER ISD Bus for any reason.

Suspensions can only be served during active school days.