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Sanger Independent School District

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Board Members

Sanger Independent School District 
Board of Trustees - Team of Eight
Ken Scribner
Board President
Place 4
Terms of Office:  May 2010-13; 2013-16; 2016-2019; 2019-22
Jimmy Howard
Board Vice-President
Place 1
Terms of Office:  May 2011-14; 2014-17; 2017-2020
Ann Marie Afflerbach
Board Secretary
Place 2
Terms of Office:  Appointed 4/10/2017-2018; May 2018-2021
Dr. Dale Gleason
Board Trustee
Place 7
Terms of Office:  May 2014-17; 2017-2020
Sarah York
Board Trustee
Place 3
Terms of Office:  May 2018-2021
Lisa Cody
Board Trustee
Place 5
Terms of Office:  May 2019-2022
Mitch Hammonds
Board Trustee
Place 6
Terms of Office:  Appointed 6/10/19 - May 2020;
Dr. Tommy Hunter
Superintendent of Schools