Parents Partnering for Safety

Most important! 
If you hear something, say something.
We must all take any threats of talk about harm to others seriously.
You can make reports by calling an administrator on your campus or
filing an anonymous report through
"Stop It!"
Other helpful reminders:
  • Drop-off and pick-up students according to the regular school guidelines and schedule.
  • Observe signs on all doors on your child's campus regarding access to the school building. Students or staff members are not allowed to open outside doors for visitors.
  • Follow all campus procedures for signing in and out when visiting the campus.
  • Inform campus staff when you are unable to pick-up your student within the regular school day.
  • Talk to your student about school behavior and safety expectations.
  • Make a safety plan for after-school pick-up, and walking to and from school. Having a safety plan for when students, of any age, are at home alone is a good idea.
  • Discuss internet and social media safety behavior expectations.
  • Support campus procedures and drill protocols to ensure your child is prepared for any crisis that may occur.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about your child's safety on his/her campus, do not hesitate to contact the campus administrator.