Loco Parentis

The act of a parent sending their child/children to school removes their children from the physical control of that parent. While this act does not remove the responsibility of a parent for their child, parents share some of that responsibility with the school and the District. The legal term is called "in loco parentis."
So what does "in loco parentis" mean? This means that schools "assume custody" of students or "act in place of" the parent or "instead of" the parent while the child is in the care of the school. The act of a parent sending a child to school transfers authority for the students to the educators in that building. Schools become responsible for the education, discipline, and safety of the children in it's care.
The law further defines that the duty to protect students includes a duty to anticipate foreseeable dangers and to take responsible steps to protect those students from that foreseeable danger.
The safety procedures that the Sanger ISD has in place are to anticipate foreseeable dangers and to protect students from those foreseeable dangers. Safety procedures may change based on needs and newly identified concerns or foreseeable dangers. The care and safety of our students is the highest priority for all of our district and campus staff members.