Safety Drills

Safety drills are important to test plans and procedures to ensure our students and staff know what to do under any potential circumstance.
What, where, when and how to conduct oneself before an actual event occurs strengthens our schools. Drills are empowering and can create a culture of preparedness.
All visitors and District staff members will be required to participate in safety drills when on a campus.
Sanger ISD has regular safety drills on all campuses for:
  • Lockouts - when there are threats or hazards outside of the school building.
  • Lock-downs - when there is a threat or hazard inside the school building.
  • Evacuate - called when there is a need to move students from one location to another.
  • Shelter - called when specific protective actions are needed based on a threat or hazard.
  • Hold - called when a situation requires that students remain in their classrooms or in another area, in order to keep hallways clear and away from an incident or situation.
Please see below the training that your students (and staff) will receive annually.