visitor check inVisitors on our campuses are welcome!
While we encourage visitors, Sanger ISD puts the safety of staff and students first. Please follow our visitor guidelines when attending a campus meeting, activity, or event. If a visitor does not have a visitor badge, they have been trained to direct visitors back to the office.
General visitors:
  1. All visitors (including district employees) are required to check in at the front desk. A driver's license, or other appropriate ID,  will be required to be submitted to the front office in order to have access to the building. The license will be returned to the visitor at the time of check-out.
  2. Outside visitors will be required to wear the badge provided by the office at eye level at all times while in the building.
  3. District employees will be required to wear their district ID badge at all times.
  4. Visitors are asked to only go to the area that they are signed in to and not to other areas within the building.
  5. We ask that visitors not open any outside doors to others. All visitors must enter at the front entrance.
  6. All visitors will follow any safety procedures or drills while on the campus.
  7. All visitors will be expected to follow all behavior expectations. Note when behavior is determined by the school to be inappropriate, the visitor may be refused entry or can be removed.
Visitors wishing to observe a classroom:
  • The form below must be completed and submitted to the building principal.
  • Up to 45 minutes will be scheduled in advance.
  • All observers will be accompanied by a building administrator.
  • After an observation, a debriefing will be held with the observer and the campus administrator.
  • All normal check-in and check-out procedures will be followed.
Visitor behavior (per 19 Texas Administrative Code, Section 103.1207):
  • Identification will be required of any person on Sanger ISD school property.
  • A school district administrator or a school resource officer may refuse a person to enter on or may eject a person from the property if the person refuses to leave peaceably on request AND poses a substantial risk of harm to any person.
  • A person may also be ejected or refused entry if the person behaves in a manner that is inappropriate for a school setting for up to two years.
  • Any person who is refused entry or is ejected from a Sanger ISD property will receive written notification of the terms that will be in place and written information explaining the appeal process.