Safety is of the highest concern!
  • Sanger ISD will take all threats of any kind seriously.
  • Hear something, say something!!!!!!!
  • The focus is on identifying early and providing proactive interventions.
  • Everyone (i.e. parents, students, staff) is responsible to keep our campuses safe.
Thoughts of harming oneself - Students experiencing trauma or overwhelming sadness, who express thoughts of harming his/herself, will be referred to their professional school counselor. All Sanger ISD school counselors have been trained in an interview process with students and will offer an opportunity for the student to develop a plan of action. Parents will always be notified if there is a concern in this area. 
Thoughts of harming others - All Sanger ISD campus administrators have been trained in a process when a student expresses thoughts of harming others. The first step in this process is to evaluate the immediate steps needed (if any) to ensure the safety of all students. Any parent whose student is directly involved in an incident will be notified.
Bomb threats - Sanger ISD follows a format recommended by the Department of Homeland Security when a bomb threat is received by phone, email, or a note.
Who can refer to any concern regarding the safety of our students and staff?
  • A student may self-refer him/herself
  • Another student
  • A parent 
  • Any staff member
  • An anonymous report through STOP IT