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College and Career

Interested in taking a VIRTUAL college tour?  Need more information on finding certifications to further enhance your resumé? Click HERE for excellent local resources.
How to enroll in dual credit along with important forms 
Click on the word TESTING above for information on how to register for the ACT, SAT, and TSI
Need to take a CBE?  (Credit by Exam)
You will need to request the CBE by filling out and submitting the CBE Request Form.
The above "testing" link will take you to the SAT, ACT, and TSI locations as well
College Entrance Information
Are you an athlete and plan to play sports in college?  Have you considered registering with NCAA?  Take a look here for more information:  NCAA
Need to register for the ACT or the SAT?  Here are the links to both:
Free Application for Student Financial Aid.  This is where you and your guardian can enter information to see how much financial assistance you can receive from the government to help pay for college. (not for dual credit)
Use the Apply Texas to apply to dual credit or to apply to a Texas college/university.  Apply Texas allows you to enter your information one time for multiple applications.
Explore colleges, request transcripts and letters of recommendations to be sent to colleges/universities
All email correspondences should use the 
Course descriptions and graduation requirements
Click on the word "scholarships" above to take you to the running list of updated scholarship opportunities.
Pictured above, juniors participated in the iWork Career Expo held in White Settlement, TX on September 4th.  On Friday, September 7th, several students participated in a debriefing session with Dr. Sandra McCoy-Jackson on their experiences at iWork 2018.
Wednesday, September 26th was a busy day at Sanger HS.  9th graders were presented with information on Upward Bound and High School Career Connect.
The ASVAB was offered to the junior class, with sophomores and seniors able to "opt in" to get feedback on what careers may be of interest to them. Scores and information should be back in a few weeks.
Seniors participated in the Reality Fair where they had to learn about living on a budget. It was definitely a great day to be a Sanger Indian.