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Student Intervention Department

SISD'S Student Intervention Department is committed to providing early identification and support for any SISD student who is struggling for any reason.  This department also provides coaching and support to SISD teachers as they work in their Professional Learning Communities (PLC) to plan instruction that is data based, research based and meets the needs of all levels of students from those who are excelling to those who need additional supports.
Students' Attendance; Behavior; and Completion of work (daily assignments, projects & grades) are monitored and reviewed weekly.  This allows us to identify students who are having challenges sooner rather than later and to provide early intervention/support plans to assist students to be successful.
Each SISD campus has a Campus Student Interventionist (CSI) who is responsible for coordinating early identification and early intervention for students and for providing support to teachers.  The CSI facilitates Section 504 and Tiered Systems of Support meetings and collaborates with teachers, parents and students to develop, implement and evaluate a support plan that is specific to each student's needs. In addition to identifying students who need assistance through our ABC weekly monitoring activities, teachers and parents can also refer a student to the CSI whom they feel needs additional support and/or is facing challenges that interfere with their ability to be successful in school.
Additionally each SISD campus serving students in K - 8 grades has a dedicated forty-five minutes in their schedule daily where students are grouped according to needs and instructional interventions are provided by classroom teachers to meet these needs.  A variety of groupings are used including enrichment groups, extension of learning groups and practice and relearn groups.  Membership in these groups is fluid and is based on student need and students can be moved within groups according to their needs.