Pre K » SISD Prekindergarten Family Engagement Plan

SISD Prekindergarten Family Engagement Plan

Sanger ISD Prekindergarten Family Engagement Plan

The Sanger ISD Prekindergarten Program believes that the education of all students should be a partnership between the school and the parent community. Both the District and the parent community play an essential role in the success of all students.

Facilitate Family-to-Family Support:

The Sanger ISD Prekindergarten Program will create a safe and respectful environment where families can learn from each other as individuals and in groups.  

Strategies Include:

  • SISD will provide opportunities for families to participate in campus/district initiatives such as:
    • PTO 
    • Volunteer Opportunities
    • School Family Engagement Events (Meet the Teacher, Pre-K Round Up, Math & Reading Nights, ESL Literacy Night)
    • Classroom Events & Activities
    • Campus Parent Orientations


Establish a Network of Community Resources:

The Sanger ISD Prekindergarten Program will identify support from as well as establish and maintain partnerships with businesses, faith-based organizations, health providers, and community agencies. 

Strategies Include:

  • Link families with support systems, peer-to-peer groups, bilingual translators, and various resources depending on family needs
    • School Counselors
    • Dental Hygiene Programs
    • Fire Safety Programs
    • Backpack Program
    • Local Business Partnerships
    • Individualized Campus Programs


Increase Family Participation in Decision-Making:
The Sanger ISD Prekindergarten Program will encourage family participation in decision-making through improvement planning targeting family engagement.

Strategies Include:

  • Provide beginning and end-of-year feedback opportunities through parent surveys
  • Provide opportunities for parents to serve as advocates and leaders on various campus and district committees such as the Campus Educational Improvement Committee, District Educational Improvement Committee, and the LPAC Committee
  • Provide opportunities for parents to join the PTO


Equip families with Tools to Enhance and Extend Learning:
The Sanger ISD Prekindergarten Program will design and implement existing home educational resources to support learning at home while strengthening the family/school partnership.

Strategies Include:

  • Weekly progress reports
  • Meet the Teacher Night
  • Newsletters
  • PTO Meetings
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Circle Testing Results


Develop Staff Skills in Evidence-Based Practices that Support Families in Meeting their Children’s Learning Benchmarks:

The Sanger ISD Prekindergarten Program will promote and develop family engagement as a core strategy to improve teaching and learning among all educators and staff.

Strategies Include:

  • Ongoing District/Campus Staff Development
  • Children’s Learning Institute (CLI) Family Engagement Training
  • Grade Level Meetings
  • Progress Reporting
  • Gain an understanding of early intervention services to support family inquiries and needs


Evaluate Family Engagement Efforts and Use Evaluations for Continuous Improvement:

The Sanger ISD Prekindergarten Program will utilize data-driven decision-making to promote family engagement and student progress.

Strategies Include:

  • Beginning and end-of-year parent surveys
  • Parent participation at campus/district events