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Pre K » August Community Report

August Community Report

Since we were awarded the Community Partnerships grant by the Texas Education Agency, we have been able to talk to a number of stakeholders in the Sanger community.  And our efforts are only just beginning. These conversations have been invaluable to learn more about student, family, and community partner experiences as it relates to accessing Pre-K programs. 

Key Milestones for August

  • District kick-off with all current district Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers
  • Interviewed 125 parents and families at Meet the Teacher Day
  • Community kick-off event with community members and leaders
What We've Learned 
  • There are incredible existing resources and assets we can leverage more to make sure Pre-K programs are visible and accessible to families, including marketing all Pre-K programs in a shared space. 
  • Community organizations are eager to partner with programs to extend learning experiences beyond the classroom to community resources like the library and community family nights. 
  • Families, district staff, and community members alike have an emerging shared understanding of the importance of Pre-K preparing students for Kindergarten and the skills it will take to get there. 
  • A one-size-fits-all approach will not meet the diverse needs of Sanger families who face a wide range of barriers in accessing Pre-K, including transportation, scheduling, and eligibility requirements. 
What's Next
We'll continue meeting with stakeholders in September to hear more perspectives and begin collecting feedback on an emerging vision for Pre-K for all in Sanger. These engagement activities will include parent focus groups, community interviews, classroom and program site visits, and district interviews. If you'd like to learn to learn more or get involved, email us at