Inclement Weather Details

Inclement Weather, Emergency Closing Plan
With inclement weather coming upon us, we thought we would get a plan going....just as a reminder to all of what things will be going on.
  • Emergency closings will be authorized by the Superintendent.  
When changes in hours of operations are necessary due to emergency situations such as inclement weather or loss of utilities, the Superintendent and Executive Director of Operations, or other appointed person,
will notify:
  • Campus Principals
  • District personnel will be notified by their immediate supervisor.
If the district opens late due to extreme weather conditions or an emergency situation, reasonable allowances for lateness will be made. 
  • Supervision will be available 30 minutes before given emergency starting time. 
  • Superintendent’s office will notify the public and will post closing, late arrival, and early closures on the Sanger ISD website, school messenger and other media outlets, such as local radio/TV stations and or district email or text.
Thank you for all you do.