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Teen Leadership Classes Share Math Manipulatives with Other SISD Schools

With the change in STAAR testing that allows all students to use math manipulatives (algebra tiles, fraction rods, cubes), each class was assigned a grade level for which they would create prototype manipulatives and put together a Shark Tank style pitch where they ask to be given a grade of 90 or higher based on not only what they created but also their presentation and slideshow.  

In groups of 3-4, students:

  • researched math manipulatives,
  • looked at district testing data and released STAAR tests,
  • interviewed Melissa Dorum from the DCSEC and Tammy Austin,
  • created manipulative prototypes out of construction paper,
  • kept a budget, and
  • created a slideshow presentation  

They used all of these items to convince judges to rate them high enough to have their project printed on the 3D printers and used by students around the district.  Each portion of the project was housed inside Sanger ISD’s Canvas Learning Management Software so that students had 24/7 access to all assignments on their district iPads or any other device they may use.  Students also submitted all assignments through Canvas which included pictures of the stages of work progress on the prototypes, a budget spreadsheet, and a presentation.  

Judges included:

  • Mrs. Afflerbach, Board Member
  • Dr. Sandra, Superintendent
  • Dr. Freeman, Assistant Superintendent
  • Mr. Elsbecker, Director of Technology
  • Mrs. Vasquez, SMS Assistant Principal
  • Mrs. Jones, BES Instructional Technology Specialist
  • Ms. Shaw, Region 10 Testing Consultant and
  • Ms. Tucker, Region 11 Instructional Designer  

Overall the students did an amazing job creating and pitching their manipulatives.  We hope to have the prototypes 3D printed and in the hands of students by January 16, 2018.