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Sanger Independent School District

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Run For Your Life Big Hit With Clear Creek Intermediate Students

Run For Your Life is a walk/run program that helps promote physical fitness in the kid’s daily lives.  Each grade level had a goal number of miles to receive a sports bracelet.  3rd grade was 15 miles, 4th, 18 miles, and 5th, 20 miles.  Several students from each grade achieved this goal and were recognized during lunches.  5 Laps = 1 mile 

 3rd Grade

Austin M       156        Nevaeh S     111

Dylan B        137         Gabriella R  109

Logan S       134         Ruby H         108

                                   Bailey V        108


 4th Grade

Jose C                  183                           Reese W            130

Ricky M                163                           Lily W                  128

Christian A            141                          Harley M              128

AB N                     141                          Cali B                   125


5th Grade

Uziel D            179          Ayla B               129  

Victor G          178           Presley B          122

Aden W          178           Hope H             122

Sam M           177          Veronica G         118