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What is Selective Service Registration?
Registration is the process by which the US government collects names and addresses of men age 18 through 25 to use in case a national emergency requires rapid expansion of the Armed Forces.


Will I Be Drafted?
Registering with Selective Service does not mean you are joining the military. And registering with Selective Service does not mean you are signing up for the all voluntary Armed Services.

The fact that a man is required to register does not mean that he will be drafted. No one has been drafted since 1973. No one can be drafted into the military unless ordered by Congress and the President. A draft would most likely occur only in the event of war or national emergency.

 What Happens If I Don’t Register?
Young men convicted of failure to register may be fined up to $250,000, imprisoned for up to five years, or both. In addition to being subject to prosecution, failure to register may cause you to permanently forfeit eligibility for certain benefits. Not registering is a felony; please register.

Last Modified on September 10, 2012