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Judd St. John

Government and Economics Teacher
Office Hours
7:45 am-3:45 pm
Conference Period 8- 2:47-3:35pm
(940) 458-7497
1986- BA History from Univ. of California at Riverside and a lifetime in the School of Hard Knocks
Experience:16 years as a classroom teacher of Secondary Social Studies, many years in the private sector
Born Fresno, CA a week before JFK was shot (little quiz for you there). Raised and resided in Southern CA until I couldn't take the traffic, smog, or crowds  any more, moved to TX in 2006.
Wife Gladys and 2 sons, 2 daughters. Also two worthless mutt ankle-biter dogs, Toto and Princess (but we love them).
I spend my time away from school either doing whatever my wife tells me to do or hiding from her. We spend vacations visiting either my family in CA and our daughter and grandkids still there, our daughter in Colorado, our son in Florida, or my wife's family in the Dominican Republic. I love sports and win my fantasy football league nearly every year.

Favorite Saying:
People who think they know it all truly irritate those few of us who really DO.